• Welcome to the Development Partnership

    “Thriasia - Young women of science in employment”

  • Which implements the Local Plan of Action “Network for the social economy and the promotion of women scientists in employment in the area of Thriasio plain”

  • Within the framework of the action “Local Plans for employment, adjusted to the needs of the local labor markets” of the O.P. “Human Resources Development”

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Funding program of businesses for the employment of 10,000 beneficiaries of the actions “Local Plans for the Employment, adjusted to the needs of the local labor markets - TOPSA”

What does the Local Plan of Action of the D.P “Thriasia” involve?

The Development Partnership “Thriasia - Young women of Science in Employment” is a non-profit civil partnership which was established to implement the Local Plan of Action “Network for the social economy and the promotion of women scientists in employment in the area of Thriasio plain” within the framework of the action “Local Plans for employment, adjusted to the needs of the local labor markets” of the O.P. “Human Resources Development” - Priority axis 08 “Facilitating access to employment in the 3 Phasing– out Regions” which is co-founded by the European Social Fund.

The D.P. “Thriasia” is a group of partners of the public, private and non–profit sector, which have developed a partnership and work together, with the aim to communicate their know-how and implement successfully the Local Plans of Action.


  • Accession to employment for 78 beneficiaries unemployed women holders of University Degree, residents in the municipalities of Elefsina, Megara and Aspropyrgos (Thriasio Plain).
  • Implementation of a series of actions, which cover the various needs of the beneficiaries, providing them a completed support in combination with the local development.
  • Dealing with the problems related to the social economy and employment
  • Development of relations of cooperation and networking with entities outside the Development Partnership “Thriasia” which trade in the area of Thriasio.


Basic axes

  • Urban Environment

    improvement services of the urban environment, small scale tasks of green development, renewal using bioclimatic methods etc.
  • Life Quality of the Urban Population

    Promotion of the artistic creation, entertainment etc.
  • Support of Local Business Community and Society

    Integration and development of new technology, transition to the Knowledge Society etc.
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Areas of Intervention

The area of intervention is the Thriasio Plain and especially the Municipalities of Aspropyrgos, Elefsina and Megara.

Expected Results

  • A Number of the Beneficiaries:

    • will establish their own enterprise, either individual or social
    • will be recruited by businesses
    • will be assisted to get granted by other funding programs

  • Construction of a collaboration network for the support of the labor market in Thriasio

  • Creation of a Local Agreement of Collaboration for employment in Thriasio

Work saves us from three great evils:
boredom, vice and need.
Voltaire, 1694-1778, French philosopher & writer

Who can we cooperate with?

Who can we cooperate with?

  • Local Businesses
  • Professional organizations
  • Employers’ organizations
  • Local and regional Services
  • Non-governmental Organizations, Unions, Associations
  • Bodies which implement other programs

Why cooperate with us?

Do you wish to employ specialized personnel?
Do you seek business associations?
Are you interested in new trades in labor market?
Are you interested in funding programs of employment or/and entrepreneurship?

Do you wish to become a mentor of entrepreneurship or/and employment in our events, and share your know-how and experience?
Are you interested in social economy?
do you wish to take part in the Local Agreement of Employment of the D.P. “Thriasia”?
we invite you to meet us and join us!

Finding the right work is
like discovering your own soul in the world.
Thomas Moore, 1779-1852, Irish poet

We offer

Specialized personnel for employment

Information about funding opportunities

Promotion of your activities in the site www.topsa-thriasia.gr

cooperation with the employees of the D.P. “Thriasia”

Exchange of know-how

Pointing out perspectives of cooperation and Local Development

Broadening of professional contacts

Collaboration with various entities in Thriasio

Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is
the chance to work hard at work worth doing.
Theodore Roosevelt

Actions to support entrepreneurship (social and private)

  • Small areas of entrepreneurship for the support of small and medium businesses
  • Development of the project “Mentors of entrepreneurship”
  • Organization of conferences and business to business meetings

Objective of the Local Agreement of Employment

The improvement of the conditions in the labor market

Change in the disfunctional working environment.

Aims of the Local Agreement of Employment

  • Development of entrepreneurship
  • creation of a local cooperation net in order to deal with unemployment
  • New job positions for the local population
  • Organization of meetings and carrier days for unemployed
  • Meetings among employers and unemployed
  • Workshops

Acts to support employment

  • The development of entrepreneurship: social and individual.
  • Enabling social processes to strengthen local labor market.
  • Creation of a local cooperation network to combat unemployment as a social problem.

Cooperative actions to strengthen local labor market

  • Mapping of the organizations of Thriassio
  • Αλληλοστήριξη των τοπικών φορέων μέσα από τη συμμετοχή στις δράσεις τους, τη χρήση των προϊόντων και υπηρεσιών τους, τη διάχυση της πληροφόρησης και την μεταφορά της τεχνογνωσίας
  • Joint organizations of networking activities

Organization Chart

Opportunity is missed by most people because
it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.
Thomas A. Edison

Employment of TOPSA beneficiaries

Οι ωφελούμενες που έχουν ενταχθεί στο Τοπικό Σχέδιο καλύπτουν ένα ευρύτατο σύνολο των επιστημονικών πεδίων.


(27 beneficiaries)

History- Archaeology (2)
Philosophy Pedagogy and Psychology (14)
Primary education - Early childhood education (2)
Social and Political Science, Sociology, Theatre Studies, Home Economics, Social Work (8)
Law (1)


(5 beneficiaries)

Nursing (1)
Nutrition and Dietetics (1)
Physiotherapy (1)
Midwifery (1)
Technologist of Medical Laboratories (1)


(13 άτομα)

Business Administration (5)
Accounting (4)
Public Administration (1)
Economic & Regional Development (1)
Financial Management (1)
Library Science (1)


(18 άτομα)

Automatic Control Systems (1)
Product and Systems Design Engineers (1)
Food Technologist (1)
Agricultural Technology (2)
Graphic Arts and Design (1)
Mechanical Engineering (2)
Construction Engineers (1)
Civil Construction Engineers (3)
Chemical Engineers (1)
Civil Engineers (2)
Geology (1)
Chemistry (1)
Environmental Technology Engineers (1)

Additional Skills

Postgraduate studies, continuing vocational training, internship, professional experience, knowledge of foreign languages, computer, participation in scientific and social projects, volunteering etc.

Monitoring one of the training seminars mentioned below (duration:125h)

  • sustainability and environmental management
  • law and financing business advising
  • training in energy and construction sector
  • entrepreneurship in services

Network with local authorities aiming at:

  • Build professional contacts
  • Creation of perspectives of cooperation and local development
  • Obtaining useful information
  • Exchange of experience and ideas
  • Getting advice by specialists

Participation in counseling:

  • Professional Counseling
  • Entrepreneurship counseling
  • Social Entrepreneurship Counseling

Choose a job you love,
and you will never have to work a day in your life.

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